Walrus terror threat high

Walrus terrorists spotted in the UK

Shaddiq – (Hammer of the voles), terrifying veteran of the 1970’s Cod War’s. Rumored to have previously received funding from British volish sources – hotly denied by the voles. His presence in the UK clearly indicates activity by “Thesea “. It is known that dvd’s of Shaddiq’s atrocities against Estonian voles have been circulated on the internet.




Al Blubaroon – a fiery Icelandic cleric, who, in a recent sermon he preached “no blubber but our blubber and death to all non walrus eaters of freshwater fish – and voles. A devout codist – he is a relatively recent convert to Thesea. Al Blubaroon lived for five years in the town of Whitby, where it is thought he radicalised many moderate kipperist walruses to his own warped creed.




Cafiq el Cod – known to have lead a troop of Thesea fanatics in an attack upon Swiss voles in 1999. A master of disguise he and his followers went unnoticed amongst the swiss populace by dressing as swiss businessmen.





Rumsi el Fizik – a young British walrus who according to his friends recently became very codist, scorning those who ate sprats pilcards or herring. Analysis of his computer hard drive which was recently taken following a raid of his former home has reveled an unhealthy interest in atrocities against voles, quack whore ducks, and fanatical support for Hull Kingston Rovers Rugby League club. el Fiziks parents are at a loss to explain how he came to have fallen under Thesea’s spell – his brother commented,” to be right honest with you, this is the fault of them voles, my brother is a good walrus, its them voles that are stirring all of this up, everyone knows that they are behind it!”