Terror Group Thesea operating in the UK

Vole┬ásources have been made aware that Abu Ben Walrusi – otherwise known as Chief Blubber has been spotted in the UK. Walrusi, leader of the shadowy terror group (Thesea) is committed to the destruction of volekind and is quoted as saying- “All grown up walruses hate voles – it is as natural as the rising of the sun – all voles and their minions – especially seals are wicked, persecute them my Brothers, where ever you may find them!”

Walrusi and his terror group are globally dispersed at time of going to print – although voleish sources claim that attacks are imminent – sightings of Walrusi inspired fanatics have been reported in Hull – where the largest cod processing plant is still located. Strict dietary rules restrict members of Thesea to costal regions, it is however thought that some particularly demented extremists of this sick philosophy have become masters of disguise, partying till dawn, making suggestive remarks to gullible members of the opposite sex and even smoking large cigars!

Volish sources say that George Galloway has nothing to fear from their investigations – yet…..