Enforcement Otters

Infamous mercenaries with a worldwide reputation for ensuring the will of the paymaster, whether it be the Mulvaianian Weasels, the South American Boars, the Voles, or their main engagers – the Banker and Club Owning Seals. Generally to look into an Otter’s face is to stare into the eyes of death. As Shakespeare himself said in the play King Lear “He’s mad that trusts in the tameness of a wolf, a horse’s health, a boy’s love, or an otter’s mercy”.

The dynasty of the Otters predates even the Roman occupations, and has complex family ties. Only true blood Otters descended from the waters of Eastern Estonia can fully call themselves ‘enforcement’, but there are many pretenders to the Otter ‘Noemoat’ position. This has caused many a bloodbath over the years as the warring Otter families fight for supremacy.

A secretive breed, few pictures exist of the Otters at work – the adjacent picture taken by a shrew working as a double agent for the American Government using the latest technology in spying equipment, shows two enforcement Otters working the door at one of the notorious Seal Clubs. Little is known of the meeting which took place in the club, but the shrew who took the picture was found dead with his intestines tied into a bow around his neck just three hours after the picture was taken.

The Seals

Shrew Spies